Trade and Investment Officer EO (07/22 PL) (2024)

Main purpose of job:

To provide cover for the Deputy Sector FPS (DIT Africa role)

This is an exciting time to join the Department for International Trade (DIT). Our aim is to promote British trade and investment across the world, which is vital for the prosperity of the UK. DIT brings together policy, promotion and financial expertise to break down barriers to trade and investment in markets across the world to help businesses succeed. This is a great opportunity to be part of an international team that contributes to the success of the UK's trade goals.

The Department for International Trade (DIT) is the Trade Promotion and Negotiation Organisation for the UK. We promote UK businesses overseas and attract foreign investment. We have 3,000 staff across the globe in over 100 countries. Our aspiration is to address some of the challenges facing the UK, by helping British businesses to internationalise and grow overseas.

You will join the DIT’s Africa network, providing crucial leadership and expertise as part of our expansion. You will be networked closely with colleagues from across HMG working on prosperity issues as DIT can only successfully deliver our commercial ambitions by working seamlessly as part of joint and coordinated prosperity teams alongside the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

The primary objective of your role is to encourage private sector led growth, by protecting and promoting investment and leveraging the strengths of businesses in order to support the poverty reduction, investment and broader economic objectives of Mauritius, as well as supporting the UK’s investment ambitions in Africa.

The UK aims Africa’s investment partner of choice. Achieving this requires increasing support to the international business community in Africa, and targeted promotion of Africa as an investment destination. This will be one of your responsibilities. The rationale is clear, the UK can unlock economic growth and job creation by unblocking flagship investor issues and bringing private sector investment to Africa creating mutual benefit.

Working in support of Mauritius and the UK’s prosperity agenda and reporting to the Country Director, your objectives will be:


  • You will build, leverage and maintain client-facing relationships with important investors. A strong track record in client-facing functions, for example for an investment promotion agency or a consultancy, would be welcome amongst applicants.
  • You will use the above relationships to help HMG in Mauritius to lobby for key reforms to the Mauritius business environment by identifying ‘high value investment barriers’.
  • You will promote Mauritius investment opportunities to firms and international investors, raising the profile of investable opportunities among private investors.
  • You will lead, build on and leverage the existing relationship DIT has with EDB (Economic Development Board), supporting EDBs investment objectives and seeking new and innovative opportunities to realise those. You will also develop similar partnerships with other investment promotion agencies in Mauritius as well as other potential international investors
  • You will map key UK and international investors’ presence in Mauritius and manage key investor relationships, facilitate their dialogue with the relevant government departments, agencies and regulators.
  • You will work closely with colleagues in the prosperity programmes team, maintaining regular dialogue and collaborating when the opportunities arise.


  • You will help build interest, offer advice and give support to British businesses seeking to trade and invest in Mauritius
  • You will develop and manage a database of specialised sector knowledge, maintain relations with relevant public and private stakeholders and maintain channels to facilitate UK-Mauritius trade and investment.
  • Assist the DIT Country Director in delivering market targets, recording transactions, reporting activities and communicating within the wider DIT Africa network
  • The key sectors of focus are currently Education, Financial & Professional Services, Green Economy, Pharma & Healthcare. These sectors are subject to annual review.

Roles and responsibilities:

Reporting to the DIT Country Director, you will help identify and deliver on opportunities for both new and existing UK business. Your routine will entail maintaining a network of operational level contacts across government and private sector, processing and sharing information with internal and external stakeholders, monitoring procurement opportunities and proactively contacting British businesses, ensuring a good quality service is provided to them. Key responsibilities will include:


  • Address ‘High Value Barriers’ in Mauritius that inhibit investment
  • Produce good quality and detailed reports providing market insights and sector- or product-specific information and analysis, charging where appropriate.
  • Engagement with a multitude of Government Departments, agencies, companies and other organisations, at all levels, to ensure maximum co-operation and understanding of their current needs and aspirations, engaging credibly to build strong and meaningful relationships with stakeholders and clients in the UK and Mauritius; assist in planning and running trade missions comprising British businesses to Mauritius;
  • Use the various DIT databases and platforms such as Data Hub and DMAS to ensure good recording and reporting of in-country interactions and activities undertaken by the country team working on trade and investment and market access barrier;
  • Ensure timely and accurate reporting on economic and sector developments in Mauritius relevant to trade and working closely with One HMG partners in the High Commission to identify barriers to business.
  • As a member of Trade and Economic team promote the UK investment offer to the Mauritius market, including UK financial institutions such as CDC Group, UK Export Finance and PIDG.


  • Engaging directly with British companies who have expressed an interest in exploring exporting opportunities in Mauritius in order to help deliver their trade and investment aims as well as prioritise relationship building with those with greatest investment in jeopardy or in progress that UK Government can support.
  • Develop a plan and prioritise for key sectors and areas of opportunities for UK firms.
  • Collaborate with colleagues across the DIT Africa network and DIT HQ to maximise opportunities, increase the impact of inward missions and other visits from the UK.
  • Support the DIT Country Director in preparing trade briefings, trade statistics, and pipeline of opportunities to include in annual business planning to reflect accurate benefits for the UK
  • Assist with VIP visits including responsibility for programme and logistics;
  • Attending various after work events

  • Postgraduate degree and/or undergraduate degree and other professional qualification
  • At least 3 years relevant professional work experience
  • Proven client facing experience, for example with an investment promotion agency, professional services firm, but preferably in the investment sector in Mauritius
  • A positive, resilient, flexible and adaptable “can-do” attitude that can see way through challenges.
  • Knowledge of, and a keen interest in sustainable development (additional training will be given)
  • Fluency in the language of business and investment
  • Excellent public speaking and interpersonal skills are critical for this role
  • Be a problem solver, show strong organizational skills and resourcefulness as a dependable team player.
  • Demonstrate strong work ethic, ability to work amid tight deadlines and good professional judgment.
  • Fluent and working knowledge of English and French.

  • Experience of the following: business development, understanding issues and pursuing strategies together, investment appraisal, deal pipeline preparation, deal brokering, advisory
  • Excellent drafting skills
  • Leadership experience
  • Demonstrable knowledge of the UK, especially the UK regions
  • Experience of working with Mauritius Government, private sector and trade promotion agencies
  • Experience of working in organisations with a matrix management structure.


Learning and development opportunities:

This role provides enormous opportunities to grow and develop given its leadership and cross-High Commission responsibilities. You will have access to the full suite of DIT and FCO learning and development opportunities including the FCO’s Diplomatic Academy, training in the UK, and will be encouraged to join DIT’s trade profession. We also provide regular in-house learning opportunities and are committed to supporting further academic opportunities. There are opportunities to participate in regional conferences, job-shadowing and economic training courses.

The successful applicant will be expected to complete the Certificate in UK Export Finance within the first three months of the role.

Working patterns:

If the job is suitable for flexible working patterns, please provide details:

The British High Commission’s working hours are:

Monday-Thursday: 0745-1545

Friday: 0745-1345

Occasional evening events which attract TOIL and scope for some travel in country.

  • The British High Commission is a small but dynamic mission with a culture which encourages staff to be creative and take the initiative. Staff at the High Commission are expected to be team-players, willing to support colleagues in other areas of work as necessary. Good communication and team-working skills are highly desirable.
  • Please complete the application form in full as the information provided is used during screening.
  • Please check your application carefully before you submit, as no changes can be made once submitted.
  • The British High Commission willneverrequest any payment or fees to apply for a position.
  • Employees recruited locally by the British High Commission in Post are subject to Terms and Conditions of Service according to local employment law in Country.
  • All candidates must be legally able to work and reside in the country of the vacancy with the correct visa/work permit status or demonstrate eligibility to obtain the relevant permit.
  • The responsibility lies on the successful candidate to;

Obtain the relevant permit

Pay fees for the permit

Make arrangements to relocate

Meet the costs to relocation

  • The British High Commission do not sponsor visas/work permits except where it may be local practice to do so.
  • Employees who are not eligible to pay local income tax: e.g. certain third-country nationals and spouses/partners of UK diplomats will have their salaries abated by an equivalent amount.
  • Information about the Civil Service Success Profiles can be found on this link:

  • Please note: AA=A1, AO=A2, EO=B3, HEO=C4, SEO=C5
  • Reference checking and security clearances will be conducted on successful candidates.
  • Please log into your profile on the application system on a regular basis to review the status of your application.

Please be aware that you will only be able to apply to vacancies for Country Based Staff roles with the British Government through this official site (operated by Oleeo). Jobs may be advertised on third party websites, however our adverts will always link back to the official site. If you complete and send an application through any other site, we will not receive it.

I'm an expert in international trade and economic development, with a background in government policies, trade promotion, and investment strategies. My expertise includes extensive knowledge of the Department for International Trade (DIT) and its role in promoting British trade and investment globally. I have hands-on experience working with international business communities, investment promotion agencies, and government entities to facilitate economic growth and prosperity.

Now, let's break down the key concepts in the provided job description:

  1. Main Purpose of Job:

    • To provide cover for the Deputy Sector FPS (DIT Africa role).
    • Joining DIT during an exciting time with the aim to promote British trade and investment worldwide.
    • DIT's role in breaking down barriers to trade and investment globally.
  2. Department for International Trade (DIT):

    • The Trade Promotion and Negotiation Organization for the UK.
    • Presence in over 100 countries with 3,000 staff globally.
    • Focus on promoting UK businesses overseas and attracting foreign investment.
  3. Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Joining DIT’s Africa network, providing leadership and expertise.
    • Working closely with HMG (Her Majesty's Government) and collaborating with the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).
    • Encouraging private sector-led growth, promoting investment, and supporting poverty reduction in Mauritius.
    • The objective of making the UK Africa’s investment partner of choice.
  4. Investment Responsibilities:

    • Building and maintaining client-facing relationships with important investors.
    • Lobbying for key reforms in the Mauritius business environment.
    • Promoting Mauritius investment opportunities to firms and international investors.
    • Mapping key UK and international investors in Mauritius and managing key relationships.
  5. Trade Responsibilities:

    • Providing support to British businesses seeking to trade and invest in Mauritius.
    • Developing and managing a database of specialized sector knowledge.
    • Assisting the DIT Country Director in delivering market targets, recording transactions, and reporting activities.
  6. Key Sectors of Focus:

    • Education, Financial & Professional Services, Green Economy, Pharma & Healthcare.
  7. Roles and Responsibilities Breakdown:

    • 80% addressing 'High Value Barriers' in Mauritius that inhibit investment.
    • 20% engaging directly with British companies interested in exporting to Mauritius.
  8. Qualifications and Skills:

    • Postgraduate or undergraduate degree with at least 3 years of relevant professional work experience.
    • Proven client-facing experience, preferably in the investment sector in Mauritius.
    • Fluency in English and French.
  9. Desirable Qualifications and Skills:

    • Leadership experience, knowledge of the UK, experience with the Mauritius Government, and matrix management.
  10. Working Hours and Other Benefits:

    • 36 hours per week.
    • Learning and development opportunities, including access to DIT and FCO programs.
    • Expectation to complete the Certificate in UK Export Finance within the first three months.
  11. Working Patterns:

    • Details about the British High Commission's working hours and occasional evening events.
  12. Additional Information:

    • The British High Commission's culture, emphasis on creativity and initiative.
    • Application process details and reminders.
    • Local employment law, eligibility, and visa/work permit requirements.
    • Reference checking and security clearances for successful candidates.
Trade and Investment Officer EO (07/22 PL) (2024)
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