Shaboozey’s ‘A Bar Song (Tipsy)’ Hops to No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 (2024)

His initial No. 1 is the first by a Black male artist to top both the Hot 100 and Hot Country Songs. Plus, Chappell Roan earns her first Hot 100 top 10 with "Good Luck, Babe!"

Shaboozey hoists “A Bar Song (Tipsy)” to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart, marking his first leader on the list.

The track concurrently rebounds for a fourth week atop the Hot Country Songs chart, which uses the same multimetric methodology as the Hot 100. Previously, no song by a Black man, or one known to be biracial, had previously topped both charts. He is the second Black artist overall to achieve the feat – following Beyoncé with “Texas Hold ‘Em” earlier this year.


How Shaboozey Leveraged a Beyoncé Collaboration Into a Solo ChartSmash05/13/2024

Virgina native Shaboozey (born Collins Obinna Chibueze) charted two Hot 100 hits, in April, prior to “A Bar Song (Tipsy),” both from Beyoncé’s LP Cowboy Carter: “Spaghettii” (also with Linda Martell; No. 31 peak) and “Sweet * Honey * Buckiin’ ” (No. 61).

“A Bar Song (Tipsy)” is from Shaboozey’s LP Where I’ve Been, Isn’t Where I’m Going, which debuted at its No. 5 high on the Billboard 200 in June. It has reached No. 2 on Top Country Albums and leads the Americana/Folk Albums chart for a third week.

Of his breakthrough this year, the 29-year-old, who has been releasing music for a decade, recently mused to Billboard, “We were pretty prepared for this moment.”

Also in the latest Hot 100 top 10, Chappell Roan achieves her first top 10 as “Good Luck, Babe!” ascends a spot to No. 10.

The Hot 100 blends all-genre U.S. streaming (official audio and official video), radio airplay and sales data, the lattermost metric reflecting purchases of physical singles and digital tracks from full-service digital music retailers; digital singles sales from direct-to-consumer (D2C) sites are excluded from chart calculations. All charts (dated July 13, 2024) will update on tomorrow, July 9. For all chart news, you can follow @billboard and @billboardcharts on both X, formerly known as Twitter, and Instagram.

Luminate, the independent data provider to the Billboard charts, completes a thorough review of all data submissions used in compiling the weekly chart rankings. Luminate reviews and authenticates data. In partnership with Billboard, data deemed suspicious or unverifiable is removed, using established criteria, before final chart calculations are made and published.

Below is a rundown of the latest Hot 100’s top 10.

  • Airplay, Streams & Sales

    “A Bar Song (Tipsy)” on American Dogwood/EMPIRE (with country radio promotion by Magnolia Music) – all of whom, like Shaboozey, appear atop the Hot 100 for the first time – reigns with 60 million radio airplay audience impressions (up 11%, good for top Airplay Gainer honors on the Hot 100), 44.8 million official streams (up 10%) and 23,000 sold (up 6%) in the United States June 28-July 4.

    The single leads the Digital Song Sales chart for an eighth week, rises 3-1 for its first week atop Streaming Songs, where it’s Shaboozey’s first leader, and reaches the top five (7-4) on Radio Songs.

  • Unprecedented Crossover Hit

    Reflecting its mass appeal, “A Bar Song (Tipsy)” is the first song ever to go top 10 on all four of these Billboard radio charts: Country Airplay, Pop Airplay, Adult Pop Airplay and Rhythmic Airplay. (Only 13 songs overall have appeared at all on all four format rankings, with the lists having coexisted since March 1996.)

    The track enters the top five on Rhythmic Airplay (7-5) and the top 10 on Country Airplay (12-6) and pushes 10-8 on both Pop Airplay and Adult Pop Airplay.

  • ‘A Bar Song’ Brings ‘Tipsy’ to the Top

    Shaboozey’s ‘A Bar Song (Tipsy)’ Hops to No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 (2)

    “A Bar Song (Tipsy)” interpolates J-Kwon’s hip-hop classic “Tipsy” – with the pair having performed a mash-up of the tracks June 30 at the 2024 BET Awards.

    Upon its coronation, “A Bar Song” surpasses the Hot 100 peak of “Tipsy,” which hit No. 2 in April 2004. The latter also ruled Hot Rap Songs for five weeks that year. Thanks to “A Bar Song,” J-Kwon lands his first Hot 100 No. 1 as a credited writer. Shaboozey also co-wrote the song.

    “I had been wanting to flip a 2000s song for a while,” Shaboozey told Billboard. “I just said, ‘Everybody at the bar getting tipsy …’ [One of the song’s producers] picked up the guitar and started playing the chords and then we started writing, just having fun and being creative.”

  • Historic No. 1 Hot 100 & Hot Country Songs

    “A Bar Song (Tipsy)” is the first song by Black male artist, or one known to be biracial, to top both the Hot 100 and Hot Country Songs. He is the second Black artist overall to score the honor, following Beyoncé with “Texas Hold ‘Em” earlier in 2024.

    Meanwhile, “A Bar Song” is the 28th hit to have topped both the Hot 100 and Hot Country Songs, dating to 1958, when the former originated and the latter became the country genre’s singular Billboard chart. It’s the third such song of 2024, after four topped the Hot 100 in 2023, the most in a year since 1975. It’s also the eighth this decade, after only two led over the previous 36 years.

    Songs to Have Hit No. 1 on Both the Hot 100 & Hot Country Songs Charts:

    • “A Bar Song (Tipsy),” Shaboozey, 2024
    • “I Had Some Help,” Post Malone feat. Morgan Wallen, 2024
    • “Texas Hold ‘Em,” Beyoncé, 2024
    • “I Remember Everything,” Zach Bryan feat. Kacey Musgraves, 2023
    • “Rich Men North of Richmond,” Oliver Anthony Music, 2023
    • “Try That in a Small Town,” Jason Aldean, 2023
    • “Last Night,” Morgan Wallen, 2023
    • “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version),” Taylor Swift, 2021
    • “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” Taylor Swift, 2012
    • “Amazed,” Lonestar, 1999-2000
    • “Islands in the Stream,” Kenny Rogers duet with Dolly Parton, 1983
    • “I Love a Rainy Night,” Eddie Rabbitt, 1981
    • “9 to 5,” Dolly Parton, 1981
    • “Lady,” Kenny Rogers, 1980
    • “Southern Nights,” Glen Campbell, 1977
    • “Convoy,” C.W. McCall, 1975-76
    • “I’m Sorry,” John Denver, 1975
    • “Rhinestone Cowboy,” Glen Campbell, 1975
    • “Thank God I’m a Country Boy,” John Denver, 1975
    • “Before the Next Teardrop Falls,” Freddy Fender, 1975
    • “(Hey Won’t You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song,” B.J. Thomas, 1975
    • “I Can Help,” Billy Swan, 1974
    • “The Most Beautiful Girl,” Charlie Rich, 1973
    • “Honey,” Bobby Goldsboro, 1968
    • “Harper Valley P.T.A.,” Jeannie C. Riley, 1968
    • “Big Bad John,” Jimmy Dean, 1961
    • “El Paso,” Marty Robbins, 1959-60
    • “The Battle of New Orleans,” Johnny Horton, 1959
  • Latest No. 1 ‘Song’

    “A Bar Song (Tipsy)” is the 1,174th No. 1 in the Hot 100’s nearly-66-year history, and joins only 10 others with the word “song” in their titles. It’s the first such leader in over 33 years; seven of them hit No. 1 in the 1970s.

    Here’s a “song”-by-“song” recap:

    • “A Bar Song (Tipsy),” Shaboozey, 2024
    • “Because I Love You (The Postman Song),” Stevie B, 1990
    • “There’ll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry),” Billy Ocean, 1986
    • “Escape (The Pina Colada Song),” Rupert Holmes, 1979-80
    • “Silly Love Songs,” Wings, 1976
    • “I Write the Songs,” Barry Manilow, 1976
    • “(Hey Won’t You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song,” B.J. Thomas, 1975
    • “Annie’s Song,” John Denver, 1974
    • “Killing Me Softly With His Song,” Roberta Flack, 1973
    • “Song Sung Blue,” Neil Diamond, 1972
    • “The Chipmunk Song,” The Chipmunks with David Seville, 1958-59

    Notably, Shaboozey never sings the full title in “A Bar Song (Tipsy).” Neither in their hits above do Stevie B, Rupert Holmes, John Denver or any of the Chipmunks (Simon, Theodore or … Alvin!)

  • Chappell Roan Tallies First Top 10

    Shaboozey’s ‘A Bar Song (Tipsy)’ Hops to No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 (3)

    Bookending the Hot 100’s top 10, Chappell Roan makes her first appearance in the region as “Good Luck, Babe!” rises to No. 10 from No. 11. The song drew 20.9 million streams (essentially even week-over-week) and 16 million in airplay audience (up 20%) and sold 15,000 (up 342%, as it wins the chart’s top Sales Gainer award; 11,000 physical copies shipped during the tracking week).

    The song is a stand-alone single by the Missouri native, as her latest album, and first Billboard 200 entry, The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess, reaches the chart’s top five. She wrote the song with Dan Nigro and Justin Tranter; the former (who solely produced it) adds his seventh top 10 as a writer, with the prior six recorded by Olivia Rodrigo, and the latter earns their 10th.

  • Post Malone, Morgan Wallen Lead Rest of Top 10

    Post Malone’s “I Had Some Help,” featuring Morgan Wallen, dips to No. 2 on the Hot 100 following six nonconsecutive weeks at No. 1 beginning in May. It rules Radio Songs for a second week (79.7 million, up 4%) and the multimetric Songs of the Summer chart for a sixth week.

    Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us,” which ruled the Hot 100 in its debut week in May, holds at No. 3. It tops the multimetric Hot Rap Songs chart for an eighth week and for a sixth week.

    Sabrina Carpenter’s “Espresso” keeps at No. 4 on the Hot 100, after reaching No. 3, and her “Please Please Please” backtracks 5-6, two weeks after it became her first No. 1. Thanks to those two hits and Chappell Roan’s “Good Luck, Babe!” at No. 10, Island Records claims three songs in the top 10 simultaneously for the first time under the label’s current organization within Universal Music Group (which has been in place since early 2014).

    In between Carpenter’s songs on the Hot 100, Tommy Richman’s “Million Dollar Baby” rises 6-5, after hitting No. 2, as it leads the multimetric chart for a 10th week.

    Hozier’s “Too Sweet” is stationary at No. 7 on the Hot 100, following a week at No. 1 in April. It commands the multimetric Hot Rock Songs and Hot Alternative Songs charts for a 14th week each and for a 13th week.

    Benson Boone’s No. 2-peaking “Beautiful Things” repeats at No. 8 on the Hot 100 and Teddy Swims’ “Lose Control,” which led for a week in March, is steady at No. 9.

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Shaboozey’s ‘A Bar Song (Tipsy)’ Hops to No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 (2024)
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