How To Cut Perfect Slices | Tips, Tricks & Recipes (2024)

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A step by step guidefor how to cut perfect slices when baking...including tips and tricks for cutting chocolate-topped slices, caramel slice, vanilla slice and more!

How To Cut Perfect Slices | Tips, Tricks & Recipes (1)

Here at Bake Play Smile, we are ALL about delicious slices and bars! Whether it's a quick and easy no-bake slice or a classic baked slice, we want to make sure that the end result not only tastes incredible but also looks AMAZING too!

So follow our simple tips and tricks and you'll have perfectly neat slices every single time!

5 Basic Tips For Cutting Slices

1. Line The Baking Tin With Baking Paper

When making slices, ensure that you always use a baking tin that has been lightly greased and then lined with baking paper. Greasing the tin will help the baking paper to stay put in the tin.

2. Leave Your Slice Overnight Before Cutting

This isn't always possible, but if you can leave your slice overnight before cutting it, you'll find that its SO much easier to cut into neat little pieces. Always leave your slice for at least a few hours (minimum) before cutting to avoid breaking and crumbling.

3. Choose The Right Knife

Firstly, make sure your knives are sharp! It's impossible to cut a slice neatly with a blunt knife... so sharpen those babies up!!!

The type of knife you use will be determined by the type of slice you're cutting. I have two main knives I like to use:

  • Small serrated knife: I cutabout 80% of the slices I make with a teeny tiny Victorinox serrated knife. It's my 'go-to knife'. It's tiny and yet powerful! The serrated edge means that it cuts through chocolate topped slices easily without any cracking.
  • Large flat edged knife:This knife works well on slices where you want a very sharp edge (like fudge). The slice needs to be quite firm and without a hard chocolate topping. Something like a lemon coconut slice or ANZAC slice works well with this kind of knife.

4. Cut The Slice Into Long Strips & Then Smaller Pieces

Start by placing your slice into a flat chopping board. Cut the slice into long strips. Then cut each strip into small pieces. This method gives you much more control when cutting each little piece.

5. Wipe Your Knife Clean

In between cuts, wipe your knife on a clean, damp cloth. This will keep your pieces free of extra crumbles or mixture.

How To Cut Chocolate-Topped Slices

Slices that have a layer of melted chocolate over the top can pose all kinds of problems when cutting into pieces. Often the chocolate will crack or you'll end up with jagged edges.

Top Tips For Cutting Chocolate-Topped Slices:

  • Add a small amount coconut oil or vegetable oil to the melted chocolate before pouring over the slice. This helps to stop the chocolate from cracking when sliced.
  • Allow the slice to set in the fridge (preferably overnight before cutting).
  • Remove the slice from the fridge and place onto a chopping board 30 minutes before cutting. This will allow the chocolate to soften slightly which prevents it from cracking.
  • Use a knife to gently 'score' through the chocolate layer first. This involves gently cutting lines in the chocolate until you've cut through the entire chocolate layer.
  • Then use a large flat knife and press down through the rest of the slice.
  • If you attempt to cut through both the chocolate layer and the slice underneath in one go, the chocolate will crack and break. Cutting through the chocolate layer first solves this problem.

How To Cut Caramel Slice/Millionaires Shortbread

Follow the tips above when cutting caramel slice. It's most important to score through the chocolate layer with a small sharp knifecompletely before pressing down firmly through the caramel and base (using a large, flat knife). If you try and cut all 3 layers at once, the chocolate will break and the caramel will squish out the sides.

Chocolate- Topped Slice Recipes

Caramel Slice Recipe

The ultimate Chocolate Caramel Slice with three totally delicious layers... a crunchy base, a smooth caramel filling and a chocolate topping. Tried, tested and loved by everyone (and now with both conventional and Thermomix methods!).

5 from 123 votes

Our famous No-Bake Peppermint Chocolate Slice is now even better! A super easy sweet slice that only takes a few minutes to make!

5 from 47 votes

Clinkers Slice Recipe

No-bake and so simple... this Clinkers Slice recipe really is the best thing ever! A super easy 10minute recipe that everyone will love!

Caramello Slice Recipe

The yummiest, easiest, no-bake Caramello Slice made with Cadbury Caramello chocolate.... it's to-die-for!!!! This is the best chocolate caramel slice ever!

5 from 75 votes

White Chocolate Caramel Slice Recipe

A classic favourite with a twist... this White Chocolate Caramel Slice is a yummy new take on a good old-fashioned caramel slice!

5 from 7 votes

Turkish Delight Slice Recipe

This Turkish Delight Slice is the BEST no-bake slice ever! A basic biscuit base made with Turkish Delight chocolate and scattered with extra chunks of Turkish delight... topped with a white chocolate layer.

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Chocolate Hedgehog Slice Recipe

A quick and easy classic chocolate hedgehog slice made with crushed biscuits, walnuts, coconut, condensed milk and melted chocolate... the perfect melt and mix slice!

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Licorice Allsort Slice Recipe

So bright, so colourful, so delicious! This really is the ultimate Licorice Allsort Slice recipe... and it's completely no-bake!

5 from 24 votes

Malteser Slice Recipe

Our famous no-bake Malteser Slice takes only 10 minutes to prepare... and tastes AMAZING! A chocolate rice bubble base topped with sweet and creamy white chocolate anddecorated with extra Maltesers.

5 from 55 votes

Mars Bar Slice Recipe

Everyone's favourite no-bake Mars Bar Slice recipe couldn't be easier to make... with just 5 ingredients and 10 minutes prep time.

5 from 71 votes

How To Cut Fudge

When it comes to cutting slices, fudge is one of the easiest!

  • allow the fudge to set in the fridge for a minimum of 3 hours
  • remove the fudge from the fridge and place onto a flat chopping board
  • dip a large sharp flat knife in boiling water, dry it completely and cut one long slice (the heat will help the knife to glide through)
  • repeat heating and drying the knife in between each slice
  • once you have long slices, cut each slice into smaller pieces (still using a hot, dry knife)
  • for perfectly straight lines, place a ruler next to the knife to guide your cuts

Fudge Recipes

5 Minute Microwave Tim Tam Fudge Recipe

This 5 Minute Microwave Tim Tam Fudge is the quickest and easiest fudge you'll ever make! This really is the perfect last-minute dessert!

5 from 12 votes

Microwave Salted Caramel Fudge Recipe

The easiest 5 ingredient Microwave Salted Caramel Fudge recipe!! Super quick and totally delicious!

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4 Ingredient Microwave Christmas Fudge Recipe

The easiest 4 ingredient Microwave Christmas Fudge recipe!! Super quick and totally delicious!

5 from 13 votes

Microwave Malteser Fudge Recipe

The easiest Microwave Malteser Fudge recipe made with just 3 ingredients (chocolate, sweetened condensed milk & Maltesers)... and in less than 5 minutes!

4.80 from 5 votes

Cadbury Creme Egg Fudge Recipe

A super easy 5 minute microwave Cadbury Creme Egg Fudge made from just 3 ingredients... condensed milk, chocolate and Cadbury Creme Easter Eggs!

5 from 4 votes

Cookies and Cream Fudge Recipe

A simple 3 ingredient Microwave Cookies and Cream Fudge recipe made from white chocolate, condensed milk and Oreo biscuits... all in less than 5 minutes!

5 from 13 votes

How To Cut Vanilla Slice

Everyone's favourite classic slice can be a bit tricky to cut! Do it wrong and you'll end up with vanilla filling squishing out the sides. Do it right, and you'll have perfect neat slices!

  • use a greased and lined baking tin (allowing the baking paper to overhang)
  • refrigerate for a minimum of 3 hours before cutting
  • remove the slice from the tin and place onto a flat chopping board
  • first, use a small sharp serrated knife to cut through onto the top pastry layer
  • then use a large flat knife to gently press down through the remaining custard layer and the base

Easy Vanilla Custard Slice Recipe

An easy vanilla custard slice recipe made with puff pastry and topped with a classic pink icing! This is just like a bakery-bought vanilla slice!

5 from 47 votes

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How To Cut Perfect Slices | Tips, Tricks & Recipes (2024)


How To Cut Perfect Slices | Tips, Tricks & Recipes? ›

Dip the Knife in Hot Water

It's essential for perfection. Dipping the knife in hot water before cutting will prevent tearing, uneven slicing, or frosting sticking to the knife. The residual heat of the knife ensures that the frosting stays where it is supposed to be and helps the knife slide through it like butter.

How to cut slices perfectly? ›

Dip the Knife in Hot Water

It's essential for perfection. Dipping the knife in hot water before cutting will prevent tearing, uneven slicing, or frosting sticking to the knife. The residual heat of the knife ensures that the frosting stays where it is supposed to be and helps the knife slide through it like butter.

How do you cut cake slices to achieve neatest results? ›

Hot water is your friend

Be sure to dry the knife thoroughly, then cut your slices while the knife is still slightly warm to the touch. The warm knife will cut through the frosting like butter! The slices will be neat and clean, leaving all the frosting exactly where it's supposed to be.

How to cut a slice perfectly with a knife? ›

Everything starts with a good slicing technique. Move the knife in a rocking, tip-to-heel motion to cleanly slice a food all the way through. Slide the fingers of your claw hand back and move the knife (not the food) after each cut. Experienced chefs use the knuckle of their middle finger as a width guide for slices.

How to cut tray bakes evenly? ›

Try cutting everything in two at every step. It's often a lot easier to visually estimate halves than any other fraction. Cut the whole tray in two, then cut each half in two, then each remaining segment in two, and so on until you have pieces that are about the size you want. That's the method that works for me.

What is the best cutting technique? ›

Always keep the point of the knife on the cutting board when cutting. Lift the central part of the blade above the food with a rocking motion and, moving the knife forward, cut the food into fine slices or strips or dice it as you push it below the blade.

How do you properly slice? ›

Rest the knife against your knuckles, walk your fingers back and slice with a continuous motion. The thickness is determined by how far back you move your fingers between slices. To make half-moons, slice in half lengthwise. Lay the flat side down and slice across.

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