Happy Pi Day! Here's how far Florida pie lovers would travel for a slice of Key lime pie (2024)

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Happy Pi Day!

Every year on March 14, the calendar date matches the first three numbers of Pi (3.14). And for most people, it’s a great excuse to eat a slice of their favorite pie or order a pizza for dinner.

Online photo book company Mixbook took a survey asking how far people are willing to travel to try each state's signature pie and Florida’s Key lime pie ranked in the top 10 most desirable.

For all of the pies in the top 10, survey respondents said they’d travel more than two hours for a slice.

Here’s where the Key lime pie ranked in Mixbook’s top 10 and how far pie enthusiasts say they’d travel for one slice.

Is Key lime pie a Florida thing?

Yes. Key lime pie was invented in Key West, where Key limes are anything but scarce. Key limes are different from regular limes. Key limes are more aromatic, smaller, seedier and are more tart than regular limes.

Key lime pie is the Sunshine State’s official state pie.

What is the most popular pie in each state?

Here is Mixbook’s list of the top 10 state pies that survey participants said they’d travel more than two hours for:

  1. Boston Cream Pie, Massachusetts: 2 Hours 32 Minutes.
  2. Bumbleberry Pie, North Dakota: 2 Hours 31 Minutes.
  3. Honeycrisp Apple Pie, Minnesota: 2 Hours 28 Minutes.
  4. Strawberry Pie, Oklahoma: 2 Hours 27 Minutes.
  5. Pecan Pie, Texas: 2 Hours 23 Minutes.
  6. Key Lime Pie, Florida: 2 Hours 22 Minutes.
  7. Peanut Butter Pie, Virginia: 2 Hours 21 Minutes.
  8. Wild Berry Pie, Alaska: 2 Hours 19 Minutes.
  9. Cactus Pie, Arizona: 2 Hours 16 Minutes.
  10. Chocolate Cream Pie, Nevada: 2 hours 14 Minutes.
Happy Pi Day! Here's how far Florida pie lovers would travel for a slice of Key lime pie (2024)
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