15 French Recipes To Cook And Eat On Bastille Day (2024)

So, you want to know more about Bastille Day? Well my friends, here are the cliff notes version along with some AMAZING recipes! I promise:)

What is Bastille Day actually celebrating?

Bastille Day is a French national holiday commemorating the storming of the Bastille at a turning point during the French Revolution in 1789. It is known as the French National Day (La Fête Nationale) or the 14th of July (Le 14 Juillet).

15 French Recipes To Cook And Eat On Bastille Day (1)

This day also celebrates Festival Of The Federation(Fête de la Fèdèration),which honors the unity of the French people.

The short story is that the commoners were suffering and hungry. France was fatigued by wars overseas and the wealthy got richer and the poor got hungrier. The commoners united and with the help of the deputies of the Third Estate (the commoners), formed the National Constituent Assembly which was the springboard for the revolution.

A mob formed and stormed the Bastille which was a French political prison with only 7 inmates at the time. It was a symbolic raid that included mutinous French guards but also practical since the Bastille held arms and gunpowder.

The first Bastille Day was celebrated over 4 days and included fine wine, food, fireworks and streakers! Yep, people ran naked down the street to celebrate their new freedom.

The military parade during the celebration is the oldest and largest military parade. It has been held every year since 1880, mostly on the Champs-Élysées in Paris but was held in England under Charles de Gaulle during Nazi occupation.

How to say Bastille Day in French

Bastille Day in French is pronounced Jour day la Bastiy.

This holiday however is known as either 14th of July or French National Day. So if you want to be French-correct you would say la fête du 14-juilletor la fête nationale.

Now onto the FOOD!!

Celebrate Bastille Day with these 15 recipes

French Apricot Tart

If you have every wanted to learn how to make a French tart, you are in the right place. This post has step-by-step instructions on how to make an apricot French tart including how to make tart dough. You CAN make this! This recipe is easy, simple and authentic.

Coq Au Vin

An easy and classic Coq Au Vin recipe prepared similarly to my Boeuf Bourguignon. Lots of wine and few dirty dishes makes a happy home chef. This classic French recipe has carrots, onions and mushrooms added to the chicken and lardons. So this Bastille Day, make some Coq Au Vin for your friends.

Nutella Cream Puffs with Chocolate and Coffee Ganache

A decadent classic French Pastry known as a profiterole stuffed with Nutella whipped cream and drizzled shamelessly with a chocolate and coffee ganache, oh and there is some powdered sugar action too! Step-by-step instructions are included:)

Boeuf Bourguignon

A beautiful French beef stew with multiple levels of flavor and depth. A French classic made easy. Boeuf Bourguignon.


Another French pastry gem made from Pate a Choux. It’s the little sister of the cream puff. The dough is easy to make and then is deep fried with a little powdered sugar. You can’t eat just one, thought I would warn you.

Mushroom Soup

A creamy French Mushroom Soup perfectly seasoned with shallots, sherry, garlic and parmesan. A quick and easy soup for everyday cooking. Weeknight or special occasion, easy and fancy enough for both!

Creamy French Scrambled Eggs

There is more than one way to make scrambled eggs. In Southern France, a simple method is used to make creamy scrambled eggs served over toasted baguette slices. They use cream and chilled butter, of course, cooked over low heat.


This spinach and feta crepe recipe is versatile in fillings. Try ham and cheese, bananas and Nutella,creme fraiche and fruit and so on. Have fun with this one, the batter is as simple as stirring ingredients in a bowl. This is very portable if you are planning on going for a Bastille Day picnic.


The French’s love of butter really shows in this sardine pate recipe. The sardines make for a surprising rich, creamy spread that is delightful on baguette slices. If you ever wanted to learn how to make a pate, this is for you.


The French Clafoutis transforms into 30 miniature hearts to share with your friends and friend. I hope you have as much fun making these as I have! Enjoy!

Poulet Poele L A’estragon

A beautiful, classic, multi-step chicken recipe that is moist, tasty and served with a delightful reduction sauce. The steps themselves are easy and yields an amazing dinner.

Biscuit Aux Amandes

An easy almond biscuit drizzled in chocolate, a French classic adapted from a Eugenie Brazier recipe.

Gratin de Macaronis

A cheesy, creamy pasta that has become a French, English and American classic, utilizing a classic French white sauce and gruyere, to form a simple yet tasty dish that transcends generations and cultures.

Lobster Bisque

Super easy Lobster Bisque Recipe, perfect for the everyday home cook and new cooks too! This elegant but easy soup is perfected with garlic, onion, clam juice, sherry, tomatoes, creme fraiche and fresh herbs.

Rustic Peach Galette

This is a great starter pastry for those budding French home chefs. If you can roll out a pie dough, you can make this tasty and simple recipe. It’s great served with coffee and tea. This is portable too for your French picnic.

What are Bastille Day traditions?

Bastille Day is celebrated in France by the French military parade followed by leisurely feasting all day with friends and fireworks in the evening. Traditionally feasting is in the form of picnics commemorating the commoners taking to the streets during the Revolution. People also feast at home as a form of family reunion and by having garden parties.

So, this 14th of July, hang your French flag, watch the French military parade on live stream, eat, be merry and throw up some fireworks (if that is legal in your area). You can also search for Bastille Day celebrations in your area. I went to one at the French Legation Museum in Austin, Texas and it was beautiful!

Au revoir mes amis!

15 French Recipes To Cook And Eat On Bastille Day (2024)


What foods do the French eat on Bastille Day? ›

Some of the “traditional” Bastille Day foods you might see people eating around France include (but are certainly not limited to!) crepes, croissants and other pastries, brioche, bread and cheese, quiche, and maybe some nice wine with dinner.

What pie is eaten on 14 July? ›

On the 14th of July, it's a celebration in America, and Apple Pie is usually served as a dessert.

What do French people do for Bastille Day? ›

One of the revolutionary days in Paris and now a national holiday, the 14th of July ("Bastille Day") is celebrated with a mixture of solemn military parades and easygoing dancing and fireworks.

What are the 4 French meals? ›

Repas et cartes
  • 1) Petit-déjeuner – Breakfast. In France, breakfast might be smaller than what you're used to. ...
  • 2) Déjeuner – Lunch. Traditionally, lunch was eaten at home en famille (as a family), which was easy enough for most people thanks to a 2-hour midday work break. ...
  • 3) Dîner – Dinner. ...
  • Goûter – Snack.

What is made for Bastille Day? ›

Main Dishes Perfect for Bastille Day

Merguez Sandwich - The French hot dog and one of the most popular Bastille Day foods. This recipe, with its fresh baguettes and smokey red pepper piperade sauce is perfect for a Bastille Day Party. Coq au Vin made simple - a French Bistro classic your friends will love.

What is in 14 july? ›

It's Emmeline Pankhurst Day, World Chimpanzee Day, National Mac & Cheese Day, Bastille Day, Shark Awareness Day… and much more!

What pie day is May 13? ›

National Apple Pie Day, America's favorite dessert, is observed annually on May 13th.

What is the most eaten pie? ›

Apple pie is arguably one of the most popular pie flavors. A symbol of America, the apple pie was actually invented by the British.

What are the 17 French classical menu? ›

17 Course French Classical Menu with Description and Examples
  • Hors-d oeuvre / Appetizer.
  • Potage / Soup.
  • Oeuf / Egg.
  • Farinaceous / Farineaux / Pasta or Rice.
  • Poisson / Fish.
  • Entrée / Entree.
  • Sorbet / Sorbet.
  • Releve / Joints.
Dec 7, 2023

What are 10 French foods? ›

10 Classic French Dishes You Must Try
  • Coq au vin. Why is it that so many things sound better in French? ...
  • Boeuf Bourguignon. Boeuf bourguignon is French comfort food at its best. ...
  • Moules Marinière. Another classic French dish is moules marinière. ...
  • Steak Tartare. ...
  • Cassoulet. ...
  • Confit de Canard. ...
  • Bouillabaisse. ...
  • Escargots.

What is free on Bastille Day? ›

Visit the Louvre for Free. Even though Bastille Day is a national holiday, all of Paris' s main cultural sites will be open, including the Musee d'Orsay and Musee de l'Orangerie. The city's most famous museum, The Louvre, allows guests to visit their permanent collection free of charge on Bastille Day.

Do the French call it Bastille Day? ›

Though English speakers call 14 July “Bastille Day,” the French just call it le Quatorze Juillet or la Fête nationale.

What do you wear on Bastille Day? ›

Say Oui to Stripes!

Stripes pull this idea off perfectly. The perfect pick for Bastille Day, simple black and white stripes go hand in hand with a pop of color. Be bold and pair a twirl-worthy tulle skirt with your simple boat-neck t-shirt or keep it simple and pair your black stripes with chic bermuda shorts.

What is the main meal of the day in France? ›

In France, lunch is typically the main meal of the day, and French people spend more time enjoying lunch than most people in other countries.

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